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As a Perth based photographer, my endeavour has always been to create the definitive collection of Perth’s very finest landscape photographs that showcase the city, its iconic locations and coastline, quite literally in their best possible light.

Each of my photographs are the result of many days, weeks and even years of planning and waiting for the type of rare, fleeting, ethereal light and stunning weather conditions that can transform a vista we see every day in Perth into something utterly extraordinary. When all of these elements come together at the same time, it’s at this decisive moment that these photographs were finally captured.

I believe that the key to great landscape photography starts with an innate sense of composition and the ability to create a relationship between different and often disparate aspects in an image to ensure that they flow seamlessly together, taking the viewer on a journey through the image while simultaneously creating a pleasing and perfectly balanced photograph. While my hope is that on initial viewing, my photographs will take people’s breath away, my aim is always to compose an image in such a way that ensures that the longer it is observed, the more of the image is revealed over time.

To view my extensive collection of colour and black and white prints, please visit the Print Gallery Shop page.

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